DC Restaurant

Event type : Birthday Party, Cocktail Party, Corporate Dinner, Dinner Party
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DC Restaurant

DC Restaurant is Chef Darren Chin’s entry into Taman Tun Dr Ismail’s growingly vibrant dining scene. DC restaurant is housed in in a 3-storey building that was built in the 1970s. Chef Darren Chin is a proponent of the slow food movement. What that means is the belief that the best product, and therefore the best food, is good, clean and fair. DC Restaurant respects nature and will only use products at their seasonal peak.

Event Venue

DC Restaurant is the place to have an event where the quality of food is paramount on your mind. That’s not to say they have not given any thought to the premises. On the contrary, they have put a lot of thought into it. DC Restaurant will be turning all 3 floors of their building to good use in creating a perfect gastronomical event for your guests. Each floor houses a different experience, inspired by the same spirit of innovation. At the moment, only 2 floors are open.

The ground floor is called “Le Comptoir” which is pre-dinner waiting area where you and your guests can enjoy an apéritif before proceeding to “La Salle” on the 1st floor. Le Comptoir also promises a dining experience with a more casual feel, but with no compromise on quality. “La Salle” is the main dining area in DC Restaurant. It is here, the culinary experts of DC Restaurant push the boundaries of epicurean excellence, with a touch of luxury transporting diners into the sublime. On the 2nd floor is where DC restaurant’s “L’atelier” (workshop) will be. It will be a project alongside the Le Cordon Bleu Alumni Group. It operates as a private space for chefs to innovate new ideas as well as to host cooking classes on weekends.


DC restaurant is located along Persiaran Zaaba TTDI.