Eau de Vie Nexus Bangsar South

Event type : Alumni Party, Bachelor party, Cocktail Party, Corporate Party, Hen's Night
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The Water of Life

Eau de Vie or the Water of Life. Plain water is not enough for sustenance. It needs to be alcohol fuelled. If that’s what you need, then this is the place. Eau de Vie Nexus Bangsar South stocks an impressive selection of wines and whiskeys so you can be assured that your event will be well fuelled with alcohol.

Eau de Vie Nexus Bangsar South is an event venue that is located on the ground floor of the bustling Nexus Bangsar South. While it was just opened in October 2014, Eau de Vie Nexus Bangsar South has played host to several functions already. Kronenbourg 1664 has even hosted a party here. So if it’s good enough for the premium beer boys, you know this place has the chops to host your event too.

4 sections

Eau de Vie Nexus Bangsar South has 4 sections. An al fresco area, an indoor area, a retail section and a very private VIP room for your private functions. The VIP room is equipped with a karaoke set so that you and your guests can sing your hearts out in full privacy.

While Nexus has recently started charging for parking, it is still relatively cheap and plentiful. The easy access to Bangsar South via different highways is another reason why we like this place so much.

The service team at Eau de Vie Nexus Bangsar South are very helpful to cater to your function’s needs. Let them know what your budget is and what your requirements are and they will definitely try to help you.