Feast and Furious Cafe

Event type : Birthday Party, Cocktail Party, Corporate Party, Exhibitions, Gathering, Meet Ups
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Feast and Furious Cafe

Feast and Furious Cafe is a one of a kind motorsports cafe owned by the famous Alex Wong in Kuching,Sarawak. He was a professional jetski racer cum songwriter cum author and now finally a cafe owner. The event space is decorated with his personal motorbikes, car and scooter collections as well as various racing memorabilia and that he has collected over his unique, robust life. While serving as a place to exhibit his unique collections the Feast and Furious Cafe stays true to the ìfeast-ingî aspect with its delicious selection of food and beverages at affordable prices. The event space is sure to excite ìmotorheadsî and coffee lover alike

Event Space

Feast and Furious Cafe is a unique event space in terms of its decor with real cars and bikes decorating the floor space and walls. Alex Wongís collection boasts a classic Ferrari and a few vintage scooters on the floor space and a few motorbikes along the sides of the shop and not to forget the Formula 1 car mounted on the wall being the main attraction amongst the other collectibles present there. There is also a few floor installations built to showcase a race bike and Alexís wonderful race helmets collection. Feast and Furious Cafe is a brightly lit event space with lots of natural light giving the place a pristine, open feel to it. The walls are also decorated with large art murals by a local artist.


Feast and Furious Cafe is a suitable event space for small scale events like a birthday party, a themed party, a lunch/dinner party, hi-tea, a office meeting, a bachelor party and any other small scale events that can host up to 50 pax.


Feast and Furious Cafe is located in beautiful city of Kuching on Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. The event space can be accessed via taxi and self driven cars with street side parking available