Gangnam 88 Mont Kiara

Event type : Birthday Party, Gathering, Reunions
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Gangnam 88 Mont Kiara

Gangnam 88 Mont Kiara is a traditional Gangnam style restaurant event space that offers authentic Korean meals using basic culinary expressions instead of focusing on the modern, fast pace cooking that may not offer the same flavour and experience as the traditional ways. Being inspired by traditional Korean cooking, this event space provides a fresh twist to some of the old favourites but also keep the traditional flavours in tacked. Food served here goes through strict checks to ensure its freshness, cleanliness and taste. It also does not contain any artificial food additives or chemicals so you are sure to taste all the natural flavours of the food you are having.

Event Venue

Gangnam 88 Mont Kiara has a young and trendy vibe with lively Kpop music played on TV screens and poster of Kpop idols displayed on the walls. This event space brings you the best of Korea through your senses of taste, vision, hearing. Equipped with the usual Korean food utensils for a delectable meal.


Gangnam 88 Mont Kiara has only an indoor seating space. It is suitable for hosting a birthday party, festive celebration, gathering of friends and family, farewell party, corporate event, as well as other events up to 50 pax.


Gangnam 88 Mont Kiara is situated at Solaris Mont Kiara, on the first floor, right above Coffee Bean making it convenient to access.