Lolla Paluza

Event type : Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Gathering, Meet Ups
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Lolla Paluza

Lolla Paluza is a relatively new social event space and dessert bar located in Petaling Jaya. PJ’s hidden gem in the heart of the old school suburb of Seapark. “Lolla Paluza” is a dessert bar and social event space, a modest yet cozy environment to have a break in your life for a couple of hours.The 2200sqft spacious layout accommodate up to 60 guests in a cool air conditioned comfort. Private rooms for up to 15 guests are also available for smaller private parties, workshop or discrete catch ups.

The light wooden furniture gives it a rustic, yet chic feel. Lolla Paluza provides many different types of decadent desserts from all time favorites.

Look up for a nondescript white metal door adjacent to 99 Speedmart, leads you up the staircase to a modest yet cozy environment to have a break in life for a couple of hours. Lolla Paluza offers an affordable and comfortable hang out spot to build a healthy community and this remains as one of our core objectives.



For event space, Lolla Paluza has a wide layout which is can fit up to 60pax seated suitable for a range of events from social celebrations like engagement parties or birthday parties, small scale seminars, friends and family gathering, baby shower, kids party, Association dinners, bazaars, performances,  movie nights, board game night, media launch, business networking, annual dinner, luncheon and many more.

The layout is extensively customizable in order to accommodate your event. Lolla Paluza is a place for great desserts and meaningful conversation. Lolla Paluza will make your event enjoyable and memorable!


Located in Seapark, Petaling Jaya with available roadside parking.