Mai’s Vietnamese Muslim Menu Delivery

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Mai’s Vietnamese Muslim Menu Delivery

1. PHỞ BÒ, Viet famous beef noodle, RM21/portion 

2. Gỏi Cuốn Tôm, RM45
set of 10 rice-paper wrap filled with fresh herbs, prawn served with 2 kinds of dipping sauce

3. Bún Gà Xào Sả, RM15/portion or RM130 for a tray to share. Lemongrass marinated chicken with vermicelli salad, using free range chicken.

4. Bún Bò Nam Bộ, RM15 or or RM130 for a tray to share. Sauteed beef with vermicelli salad, using fresh local beef

5. Bún Nem Rán, RM15/portion or RM86 for a platter to share. Hanoi fried rice-paper rolls with vermicelli salad and fish sauce broth

6. Frozen Nem Ran box contains 20 pcs with dipping sauce, RM45/box.

7. Fish wraps sugarcane stick, 10 sticks/box (frozen), RM40/box.

8. Bánh Bèo, savory steamed rice cake, topped with shrimp floss, sauce,RM30/20cups

9. Crispy Fish sauced chicken wings, free-range chicken wing, RM5 per wing, mins 6pcs.

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