Manna Food & Co Metrotown

Service type : Caterer, Food Truck
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Manna Food & Co Metrotown

Manna Food & Co Metrotown is a newly founded food truck serving customers with delightful premium sausage buns alongside nachos and a refreshing drink. Their sausage buns are topped with a variety of different savoury sauces like the black pepper sauce, cheese, and the classic ketchup and mustard combo. Manna Food & Co Metrotown also makes a mean looking Signature Beef Pepperoni Cheese. The regular sausage bun is upgraded with slices of beef pepperoni and melted cheese stuffed into the bun. These savoury buns make a good meal for a casual supper out with friends and family.

Event Service

Manna Food & Co Metrotown serves customers on a truck outdoors. This event service is able to serve small or large groups of customers with their ever-ready helpful crew. Customers can benefit from their service by making large orders to go and enjoy their delicacies in the comfort of their home. This service is suitable for a birthday party or a casual get together with friends and family to enjoy something quick and delicious. Either way, Manna Food & Co Metrotown sure knows how to spice up a simple moment with friends and family!

Service Area

Manna Food & Co Metrotown is able to service events around the Kota Kinabalu, Sabah area. However, it will be open every Saturday evening at the Metrotown Night Market along Jalan Metro. You can park along the street and take a walk to the night market.