Mamaritos Fud Trak Catering

Service type : Caterer
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Mamaritos Fud Trak Catering

Mamaritos Fud Trak Catering started their food truck business in May 2015 and have gained many loyal customers with dozens of great reviews. Mamaritos Fud Trak Catering is passionate about making food and strongly believe that their passion will take them far by serving delicious Halal homemade Mexican food at affordable prices. They offer Mexican burgers, Tacos, Burritos and Hotdogs with prices starting from RM 7. Mamaritos Fud Trak Cateringís food truck regular station is at the roundabout at Putatan except weekends when they might be at some Food Trucks’ Bazaars or if they are booked for private events.

Event Service

Mamaritos Fud Trak Catering is versatile as their mobile food truck can be stationed at your door for private events. Their focus at the moment is around Penampang area in Kota Kinabalu Sabah and they definitely have expansion plan in mind. This event service is suitable for events like a birthday party, ROM, engagement, corporate event, cocktail party, garden party, poolside party, hi-tea reception as well as any private function.


– Single Chicken or Beef Burger at RM 7.50 each
– Double Chicken or Beef Burger at RM 12.50 each
– Triple Chicken or Beef Burger at RM 17.50 each
– Single Lamb Burger at RM 8.50 each
– Double Lamb Burger at RM 14.50 each
– Triple Lamb Burger at RM 20.50 each
– Chicken or Beef Taco at RM 7.00 each
– Chicken or Beef Burrito at RM 9.00 each
– Chicken or Beef Vampire Taco at RM 11.00 each
– Regular Hotdog at RM 7.00 each

Service Area

Mamaritos Fud Trak Catering event service mainly services around Penampang area in Kota Kinabalu Sabah and possibly other areas in Kota Kinabalu as well.