Otherwise Cafe

Event type : Birthday Party, Meet Ups
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Otherwise Cafe

Otherwise Cafe originally started out as a wedding photography studio. They would open the place as a studio with makeup and hair services during the day and turn this into a hipster cafe in the evening. Since opening in mid 2015, they have since extended their hours to begin at 11:00 am. Otherwise Cafe serves cakes and croissants. And no cafe is complete without coffee either.

Event Space

Since Otherwise Cafe began life as a photography studio, the event space is filled with antiques from all over the world that have probably been used as props in wedding shots. These items range from the normal to the macabre. Old radios, old refrigerators, interesting light fixtures, mannequins, and a skull. This is certainly a cafe that will get a lot of instagram action. Otherwise Cafe can accommodate up to 30 pax inside and they have even had some events where they have extended the party outside. This is a space that is suitable for birthday parties, and meet ups. They have also conducted bazaars at Otherwise Cafe.


Otherwise Cafe is located in a quiet and hidden area of Kelana Jaya. Not many people know there is a block of shops in SS 4D and the best part is that it is located just off the LDP, making it very easy to access. There’s ample parking around the area in the evening as long as you don’t organise your event at the same time as the church further up the street.