Poh Poh's Dry Shrimp Sambal Food Delivery

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Poh Poh’s Dry Shrimp Pork Sambal Food Delivery

The name says it all. This is a very non-halal form of sambal. Poh Poh’s Dry Shrimp Pork Sambal is a versatile condiment to all your dishes. Pair it with your favourite staples be it rice, noodles, pasta or bread. And it’s now delivered to you.

Order through WhatsApp. Pay Online. Deliver at Your Designated Time

* minimum order of RM13
* within 5 km – RM5
* every subsequent km – RM1

Free Delivery
* minimum order of RM100
* within 10 km of Section 17

Operational Hours
* 11:00 am to 06:00 pm


Dry Shrimp Pork Sambal
Regular (350g 2-3pax) – RM13
Large (550g 4-5pax) – RM19
Chiller 2-5C up to 5 days
Freezer -6 to -12C up to 2 weeks.

Dried Oyster with Mushroom Rice
RM15 (1pax)
Rice stir fried with dried shrimp, chinese mushroom, dried oyster accompanied by sliced pork and cabbage. Steam till fragrant and fluffy.

Chicken Chop
RM18 (1pax)
Grilled boneless chicken leg baste with our own concocted sauce serve with homemade mushroom sauce, accompanied by garden veg and sautéed potatoes.