Soi 55, Jelutong

Event type : Birthday Party, Gathering, Meet Ups
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Soi 55, Jelutong

Soi 55 is a brilliant restaurant located in Bukit Jelutong. It has a delicious menu filled with Thai delights. The restaurant has an industrial feel to it with the metal, and the restaurant even has a second floor. The lights dangling from the ceiling also add to the atmosphere. The building has some exposed brick and concrete to add to the ambiance. Their menu can be found here

Menu A – RM59++ per pax

Tom Yum Seafood
Deep Fried Siakap with Chili Sauce
Fried Pandan Chicken
Stir Fried Chicken with Basil Leaf
Stir Fried Mix Vege
Thai Fragrant Rice
Fruits Platter
Fresh Lemon Tea / Thai Milk Tea

Menu B – RM59+ per pax

Tom Yum Chicken
Steam Siakap with Garlic and Lime
Fried Chicken Wings
Stir Fried Tofu with Black Bean Sauce
Stirred Fried Kallan with Oyster Sauce
Thai Fragrant Rice
Fruits Platter
Fresh Lemon Tea / Thai Milk Tea

Event Space

The space is fairly large and can host up to 50 people. The second floor is able to be used for events too. The space has a wonderful ambience to it and is very aesthetically pleasing. The space has an industrial vibe all throughout the space and it’s perfect to add additional decoration to.


There is a myriad of events that you can host in Soi 55, Bukit Jelutong. From birthday parties to baby showers, to even just a small gathering of friends and families. This place is perfect for smaller events, where you want to feel cozy and at home.


Located in Bukit Jelutong, Soi 55 Jelutong is located on the ground floor of a serviced apartment. There is plenty of parking available and there should be no problem for guests of your event to find a space.