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The most charming attribute of being a true Malaysian is the privilege of living in this melting pot of cultures, religions and beliefs. As a Malaysian, we grow up in a harmonious multiracial and multicultural societal background, allowing us to learn and practise mutual respect, acceptance and tolerance. This is the attribute which makes us proud. Such sophisticated societal composition has always been the fundamental influence in many different aspects. Therefore, VMO has meticulously listed down a few Muslim-friendly cafes and restaurants which are some of the best places to host a “truly-Malaysian” event.

Union Artisan Coffee 1MK

Union Artisan Coffee 1MK is a suitable space to host a birthday party, an office gathering, or any coffee laden event. The event space here can accommodate up to 50 pax.

Geographer Cafe

Geographer Cafe KL event space is an awesome place to chill. It offers a nice environment for a mixture of good Asian and Western food and drink.

Bo Dining

Bo Dining has a refined event space that is suitable for private and corporate event. Whether you are planning for a birthday party, baby shower, farewell dinner, product launch or appreciation dinner, this place will be able to suit your event needs.

Doubletree KL Tosca

Doubletree KL Tosca is a perfect place to plan an after work company dinner or a gathering of friends. It’s also a perfect space for a birthday party for up to 80 pax seated.

BLVD House

BLVD House is a comfortable, elegant event space. This graceful space is suitable for hosting a birthday party, baby shower, engagement party, get-together with family & friends, festive celebration, farewell party as well as corporate and private events.

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