Ebony & Ivory Coffee

Event type : Birthday Party, Full Moon Party, Gathering, Meet Ups
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Ebony & Ivory Coffee

When you’re working, or travelling, time is precious. Instead of some trendy, overpriced diner on a crowded food court, you want to find that hidden gem of a neighbourhood cafe. And now, established in 2016, you have found this place! Ebony & Ivory Coffee is an invitation to relax, eat scrumptious food and explore on delicate home-baked pastries. Try out their uniquely delicious blends of healthy Asian cuisine and a good cup of quality coffee! Ebony & Ivory Coffee do create certain limited-time dishes, so make sure to check out their Today’s Special. One of their house specialties would be the Minced Pork Scrambled Egg Rice that especially fascinates the locals and tourists.

Event Space

Ebony & Ivory Coffee is a charming place with minimalistic plain white walls decked with hipster and objects displayed on it. The dark furniture and warm lighting gives the event space a glimpse of glamour which goes well with their meals. Reasonable price, with high-quality food. Ebony & Ivory Coffee is the place to look for a memorable experience to your events. They also have someone to sing at the event space to establish a great atmosphere.


Ebony & Ivory Coffee is a suitable event space for adults’ and children’s birthday parties, coffee dates, anniversary dinners, family and friends gathering, product talks, and anyone looking to tuck in to a great meal and excellent quality coffee. The space here can accommodate up to 40 pax.


Located on the famous street, Taman Cheras, Ebony & Ivory Coffee is positioned in an apartment and roughly an estimated 10 minutes’ drive from Cheras Leisure Mall. Parking spaces are only available on the street.