Take Eat Easy Old Klang Road

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Event Menu Starts From

RM 40 per pax

Minimum Number of Pax

20 pax

Maximum Number of Pax

70 pax

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Menu A – RM40 per pax
(minimum 20 pax)

Choose 1 Fried Snack
Choose 1 Salad
Choose 1 Soup
Choose 1 Rice OR Noodle
Choose 1 Chicken
Choose 1 Vegetable
Choose 1 Dessert
Choose 1 Beverage

Menu B – RM60 per pax
(minimum 20 pax)

Choose 1 Fried Snack
Choose 1 Salad
Choose 1 Soup
Choose 1 Rice
Choose 1 Noodle OR Pasta
Choose 1 Chicken
Choose 1 Fish
Choose 1 Vegetable
Choose 2 Dessert
Choose 1 Beverage

Menu C – RM80 per pax
(minimum 20 pax)

Choose 1 Canape
Choose 1 Fried Snack
Choose 1 Salad
Choose 1 Soup
Choose 1 Rice
Choose 1 Noodle OR Pasta
Choose 1 Chicken
Choose 1 Fish
Choose 1 Beef OR Lamb
Choose 1 Vegetable
Choose 2 Dessert
Choose 1 Beverage


1- Mini tostada pizza with chicken
2- Tomato, olives & basil bruschetta on garlic crostini
3- Mexican style egg tortilla
4- Chilled gazpacho shooter
5- Mushroom & cheese bruschetta

Fried Snack
1- Deep-fried vegetables spring roll
2- Crispy curried potato samosa
3- Golden battered potato wedges
4- Crispy breaded chicken cutlet
5- Deep-fried fish goujons

1- Mix salad

1- Cream of mushroom soup
2- Broccoli & potato soup
3- English clam chowder
4- Double boil chicken herbal soup
5- Soto ayam madura with condiments

1- Steamed white rice
2- Yong chow fried rice
3- Kampung fried rice
4- Kimchi fried rice
5- Tomato rice with raisins & roasted cashew nut
6- Pilaf rice

1- Singapore fried mee hoon
2- Tom yam fried bee hoon with seafood
3- Fried kway teow
3- Fried mee mamak
4- Japanese black pepper udon with chicken
5- Home-made healthy egg noodles Hokkien style

1- Spaghetti carbonara with crispy golden mushrooms & chicken toast
2- Spaghetti aglio olio with olive oil crabmeat
3- Spaghetti in pumpkin & mustard cream sauce with chicken
4- Linguine sautéed with grilled vegetables & tuna flakes
5- Linguine meatballs in rich tomato sauce with chili flakes
6- Linguine in pesto cream sauce with chicken toast, grilled vegetables & sweet basil

1- Thai green curry chicken in coconut broth
2- Nyonya style chicken & potato curry
3- Slow-braised chicken pongteh with potato, carrot, black fungus, & shitake mushroom
4- Chicken in masak merah gravy with potato, tomato, onion & peas
5- Crispy breaded boneless chicken thigh with buttered vegetables & mushroom cream sauce
6- Black pepper chicken with broccoli, tri-color capsicum & snow peas
7- Golden crispy marinated chicken wings with salted eggs, curry leaves, chili & butter
8- Slow-braised Korean style tteokbokki with bonito flakes

1- Sweet & sour fish fillet with tri-color capsicum, onion & pineapple
2- Steam fish fillet with lady finger in Portuguese sauce
3- Ginger steam tilapia fillet with steam seasonal vegetables & garlic soy sauce
4- Stir-fry battered fish fillet in gong bo sauce with dry chili & cashew nut
5- Pan seared tilapia fish fillet with roasted root vegetables & citrus butter sauce
6- Oven baked herb crusted fish fillet with grilled vegetables, raisin cous cous & dill cream sauce
7- Crispy breaded fish parmigiana style
8- Deep-fried boneless fish fillet with Korean barbecue sauce & bonito flakes

1- Szechuan style stir fried sliced beef with carrot, dry chili & toasted sesame
2- Oriental black pepper beef fillet with onion, mushrooms & snow peas
3- Pan seared beef medallion with roasted vegetables & mushroom sauce
4- Stew beef bourguignon with carrot, potato, leek, chickpea & purple shallot
5- Daging masak hitam with potato, onion, red & green chili

1- Barbecued lamb cutlet Chinese style with stir-fried chinese cabbage, carrot & scallion
2- Moroccan style slow-braised lamb in rosemary & thyme jus with root vegetables & chickpea
3- Lamb & potato curry
4- Slow-roasted boneless leg of lamb with roasted vegetables & garlic thyme gravy
5- Grilled lamb cutlet with vegetables ratatouille & rosemary jus

1- Stir-fry seasonal vegetables with egg tofu Cantonese style
2- Steamed pak choy with mushrooms, roasted garlic & dried shrimp in oyster sauce
3- Sautéed mushrooms with olive oil, onion, garlic,parsley & butter
4- Steamed vegetables with basil herb butter
5- Spanish style eggplant in capsicum sweet & spicy gravy

1- Chocolate brownies with basil cream
2- Mini lemon tart with candied orange
3- Pandan layer buttercream cake
4- Blueberry Panna cotta
5- Mini tiramisu
6- Spanish style azuki crème brulee
7- Petite strawberry cheesecake
8- Home-made assorted cookies
9- Fresh fruit platter
10- Assorted malay & nyonya kuih

1- Fruit punch
2- Asam boi lemonade
3- Iced peach tea
4- Passionfruit tea

Take Eat Easy Old Klang Road

Take Eat Easy Old Klang Road classes itself as a fusion cafe. That means it’s a food corner for the new generation that serves cakes, freshly baked pastries (the pastry chef is Chef Frederick Oger from France who is also the managing director of Pastry Institute of St Honoré), pizzas, all day breakfast and also tea, coffee and freshly squeezed juices. As Take Eat Easy Old Klang Road says – fusion.

Event Venue

The interior design of Take Eat Easy Old Klang Road is a luxuriously contemporary yet classic style. None of that hipster cafe look here. You would be hard beat to find a more luxuriously designed cafe in KL. Sofas and chairs are placed at different corners giving each section some privacy but still feeling open. Chic lighting features adorn the cafe making Take Eat Easy Old Klang Road a very instagrammable event venue that’s sure to keep you and your guests busy on Instagram.


Take Eat Easy Old Klang Road is located at Pearl Suria, the extension of Pearl Point. It faces Old Klang Road so it’s easy to spot. Getting here is easy via either the Old Klang Road or swing in from the KESAS highway. Parking is available within the building and also across the road at Pearl Point.