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“Make meetings happen at work.”

When a meeting is called, we really intend to make ideas happen. It requires the creative chemistry of your team to turn great ideas into something tangible. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen in the office. This is when off-site meeting rooms come to aid. After all, what we should focus on is to make meetings work. 

Here is a list of cool-looking meeting rooms which can definitely stimulate the productivity and creativity of every team member.



The Compass

The Compass is open to people from almost any backgrounds who look to make a change. There are a variety of facilities that gives an array of options to you. From meeting rooms to a training room, there is a community of innovators available to collaborate and aid you to achieve your goals in any way possible.

KL Journal

KL Journal is designed with a very inviting and relaxed vibe that is perfect for any meeting which needs to be carried out in a sit back manner. For meeting spaces, check out their Studio 1, 2, 3, Gallery A & B. 

Headspace Event Space

The Headspace Event Space is a cozily designed event space that is perfectly suited for casual meetings, with a mix of sofa, chairs, and high chairs to provide a very comfortable setting for your event. 

The Plot Bangsar Lounge

The Plot Bangsar Lounge has been designed to ooze corporate elegance and the lounge is fully equipped to handle a variety of events. 

Inspire Co-working Space

Inspire Co-working Space identify with the challenges you face as working adults or entrepreneurs, which is why this is the place for you to ignite your passion, reinvent yourself, or to inspire your work – whichever floats your boat.

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