59 Cafe Melaka

Event type : Birthday Party, Bridal Shower, Cocktail Party, Dance Party, Gathering, Hen's Night, Meet Ups
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59 Cafe Melaka

59 Cafe Melaka is a cafe and event venue in Melaka, but 59 Cafe Melaka isn’t just your ordinary cafe. With their operating hours only at night, 59 Cafe Melaka fully caters to Melaka’s vibrant nightlife and a much needed respite for those who seek it. 59 Cafe Melaka comes stocked to the brim with a great selection of ice-cold beers, wines, liquors and other alcoholic drinks available on their menu. Entertainment in the form of a pool table as well as dart games for patrons to enjoy while relaxing with friends and loved ones. Food and snacks are also available on the menu if the night’s events get your appetite up!

Event Venue

59 Cafe Melaka has a simple yet stylish interior design. The front of the cafe has glass walls and upon entering, dart stations and a pool table is readily available for entertainment. The furniture here consists of comfortable stools and high-top tables. Counters are also installed on walls for customers who prefer to sit close to the dart stations to enjoy the game. Customers are also given the choice of air-conditioned indoor seating or outdoor seating. The faint lighting, black walls and a maze-design wallpaper really bring out the relaxed atmosphere and encourage customers let loose and enjoy their night!


59 Cafe Melaka is suitable to host private events such as birthday party, stag party, hen party, product launch and many other events. Private events held at 59 Cafe Melaka can accommodate up to 100 pax.


59 Cafe Melaka is located on Jalan Mutiara Melaka 6. Street parking close to the event venue is readily available for customers.