Bikini Toppings Melaka

Event type : Birthday Party, Gathering, Meet Ups, Tea Party
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Bikini Toppings Melaka

Looking to savour the delightful goodness and flavour of coconut on a hot day? Head to Bikini Topping Melaka ice cream dessert cafe event space in the corner of famous Jonker Street for the best coconut desserts ever. Indulge in an awesome blend of homemade refreshing coconut ice cream, coconut juice, coconut jelly including their Bikini Signature Shake and the warm hospitality of the Chans, an elderly couple that runs the cafe event space. A perfect spot for a break from the sun in a quaint corner event space that is open daily. They serve sandwiches and a selection of hot food for breakfast and lunch.

Event Space

Bikini Toppings Melaka dessert cafe event space is a simple, open-air corner event space in busy Jonker Street. You are greeted by a colourful mural of a lady in a coconut shell bikini and grass skirt as you enter the event space which is also a popular spot for shuttle bugs. A distinguished feature is that the event space welcomes customers to leave a mark of their visit by writing their names and country of origin in coloured chalk on its brick wall counter and blackboard wall. The owners are really friendly, taking photos with customers and having numerous photos of past customers on display. The non-smoking event space is functionally furnished, with large ceiling fans, free Wi-Fi and clean restrooms.


Bikini Toppings Melaka dessert cafe event space is a ground floor event space of choice to have a dessert binge, meet-up, birthday party, and gathering of friends. It can seat events of up to 50 pax.


Bikini Topping Melaka dessert cafe event space is next to Hard Rock Cafe on Jonker Street in the centre of Melaka town. Public street parking is also available around the event space.