Claret KLCC

Event type : Cocktail Party, Corporate Dinner, Corporate Party, Dinner Party, Wedding Party
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Claret KLCC

Claret KLCC makes up the quartet of restaurants at Troika Sky Dining. Troika Sky Dining’s founders, Christian Bauer and Eddie Chew, were named Time Out KL’s Food Personalities of the Year in 2013. Claret KLCC stocks an impressive selection of wine from France and around the world, befitting its status as one of KL’s best wine bars.

Event Venue

Claret KLCC is an elegant event space with its high ceiling an imposing view of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. Claret KLCC has been described as strikingly beautiful, resembling a high-end New York loft. It is classy event space without being pretentious. Smooth jazz and blues music flows through the baby grand piano giving your event a very elegant and classy feel. Claret KLCC can accommodate up to 60 pax and is suitable for corporate events such as cocktail parties or a place to have an elegant business dinner or a small but posh wedding event.


Claret KLCC is located in the KLCC area and easily accessible via Jalan Tun Razak. One of the things that we like about the dining establishments at The Troika is that parking is readily available at the multi-storey car park just opposite the road. It may not be cheap, given that this is the KLCC area, but there is lots of it and very few places have a car park as convenient as this.