Goldbar PJ

Event type : Cocktail Party, Corporate Party
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Get Ready To Have A Craft Beer Party

Craft Beer. Artisan Beer. Boutique Beer. Premium Beer. Call it what you want, there are not many places that serve that in PJ or KL. Where there is a gap, some enterprising person is bound to fill that nice. And that’s what the owners of Goldbar PJ set out to do with the opening of their first outlet (we are hoping there will be more) at Tropicana Avenue. Do note that the cuisine here is very non-halal, with a lot of pork in their menu.

Event Space

Goldbar PJ occupies two lots, making it a rather larger event space. The high ceiling of the space lends extra room to th event space. Goldbar PJ sport an industrial chic design and has several sections making it ideal to accommodate small events of 30 pax or a bigger event of 150 pax. There’s even a private section way at the back of Goldbar PJ for up to 30 pax. Whether you want to sit at the al-fresco area, the high tables, the sofa section, the booths, or even the private area, there’s an area for all sorts of events.


Whether you are planning events like a beer party, a corporate cocktail party, an annual dinner for your company, or maybe a beer filled birthday party, this is a great event space for that. The space here can accommodate up to 150 pax (though you could certainly go up to 200 pax, if most people were standing)


Goldbar PJ is located at the first floor of Tropicana Avenue. Tropicana Avenue’s location at the Tropicana area means it is relatively easy to get here from several areas. The easy access here makes it great place for people coming from within Tropicana, Kota Damansara, and even from Ara Damansara. Ample parking is found within the basement car park, and it’s still FREE at time of writing.