Haza Cafe Kuching

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Haza Cafe Kuching

Haza Cafe Kuching was founded in 2012 by Mr Hamlee Sabuti, who used to work as a chef with over 25 years in a 5-star hotel, with his family’s support. Located on the ground floor of Meritin Hotel, Haza Cafe is the hotel’s signature event space and it is especially popular for its freshly brewed coffee and desserts. The chefs at Haza Cafe specializes in making Premium Sarawak Layer Cakes, Speciality Pies, Crafted Cakes, and also Western/Asian cuisine available for catering services.

Event Service

Haza Cafe has grown popular for not only its cakes and pies but also for its signature and scrumptious dishes like ‘Dancing Chicken’ and Whole Roast Turkey popular for special holiday events like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Chef Hamlee Sabuti sources quality ingredients the same way he buys groceries for his family ensuring that the food prepared in Haza Cafe is of the highest quality and certified halal to cater to wide variety of guests and can be contacted to provide a customer specified menu for their catering services available for anywhere in Kuching city.

Service Area

Haza Cafe is located on the Ground Floor of Meritin Hotel along Jalan Padungan and can be accessed via taxis and self-driven cars with parking lots available in the hotel car park as well as valet.


With a catering service that is customer specific Haza Cafe can be contacted at +6082-255558. Customers can expect Sarawak Layer Cakes, Wedding Cakes, Macaroons, Gourmet Chocolates, Pies and a variety of Western/ Asian dishes available for catering.