Sitka Studio

Event type : Birthday Party, Business Dinner, Business Lunch
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Sitka Studio

Sitka Studio is the private dining section of Sitka Restaurant. Sitka Restaurant is famous as a produce driven restaurant. It’s no wonder they are going down this route, as Chef Christian Recomio, who used to work in the famed Noma Restaurant, and Jenifer Kuah wants to elevate the dining experience of KLites. Sitka Studio continues to work with hand-picked local producers and small farms to encourage and support sustainable food practices, combining local produce with modern techniques while being inspired by traditional Southeast Asian ingredients. If you are looking for an event space where you are looking for a menu that will give you a glimpse of where dining can be elevated to, then book an event at Sitka Studio and you won’t be disappointed.

Event Space

Sitka Studio is an event space that has a modern minimalist decor. The chairs have even been imported from Denmark to lend to the authenticity of the minimalist design. The space is next to an open kitchen where diners can get up close and personal with how their food is prepared.


Sitka Studio is a suitable event space for hosting a private birthday party, a discreet business lunch or business dinner where privacy is required, or a gathering of friends who are bonded by the love of food prepared well in an innovative manner. The event space here can take up to 40 pax.


Sitka Studio is located in an intimate, 40-seat neighbourhood eatery set in the 30-year-old shop lots of Jalan Batai. This is just a stone’s throw from Plaza Damansara. Parking is relatively easy as it’s within a shophouse area that is rather quiet in the evenings.