The Utara

Event type : Annual Dinner, Birthday Party, Gathering
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The Utara Halal Cafe

In the bustling heart of Petaling Jaya, The Utara at Hotel Armada emerges as a versatile and vibrant event space, perfectly suited for gatherings of up to 150 pax. With its casual ambiance, certified Halal status, and strategic location, this venue offers a myriad of possibilities for hosting memorable events.
the utara

the utara

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Event Venue

The Utara with it’s casual yet sophisticated environment sets the stage for a diverse array of events. Whether it’s a corporate luncheon, a casual networking session, or a celebratory gathering, the venue’s adaptability caters to various occasions. Its contemporary design ensures a welcoming atmosphere, making it conducive to both professional and social events.
the utara

the utara

the utara


Networking mixers, Casual corporate lunch or annual dinner, or even large birthday parties, The Utara can do it all. The spacious setting allows for comfortable seating arrangements, making it an excellent choice for casual luncheons or workshops.

Certified Halal

One of the notable features of The Utara is its JAKIM certified Halal status, ensuring that the culinary offerings align with Halal requirements. This makes it an inclusive choice for events where diverse dietary preferences need to be considered.


Strategically positioned next to the Federal Highway and within close proximity to the AsiaJaya LRT station, The Utara offers convenience and accessibility for event attendees. The ample parking space further enhances the overall accessibility, eliminating concerns about parking availability.