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“Meetings can be a lot of fun or they can be frustrating – Bob Weir”

And how we agree to that, some say meeting moves at the speed of the slowest mind in the room, but even if that is the case, being stuck in a meeting shouldn’t be a mundane, non exciting time for the participants.

We personally believe people are more creative and excited when there’s food around. So why not hold your meeting in a cafe or a restaurant? Get that creative juice flowing while pouring a literal chilled juice in your cup.

Not only will your eyes be feasted with a totally different environment from the usual formal meeting room, you are also able to physically feast from the yummy array of food, drinks and desserts from the menu!

Apart from meeting, other event such as seminars, ice breaking session, team building and networking session would be suitable in a cafe too!

Here, we have compiled a list for you to check on which cafe or restaurant that would suit your meeting mode, take your pick, convince your team member and make your booking through VMO!

Meeting Room inside A Cafe

Union Roastery Meeting Room

This meeting room is located in Union Roastery, a beautiful cafe located in Citta Mall Ara Damansara.

It can fit up to 30 pax and suitable for a meeting of a casual set up.

Bealeaf Private Room

This 16 pax meeting room is good for a round table discussion and is located in Bandar Puteri Puchong.

Theres even a TV perfect for you to project your presentation on.

Flavor Cafe Meeting Space

Flavor cafe has an entire floor dedicated for your corporate need. It can be configurated
for a casual meeting and seminar session with rental price starting from RM70 per hour!

Breakfast Meeting in Union All Day

Ok ok, this is not exactly a meeting room, but Union All Day do have a section where you can take over for a morning with a personal chef ready to serve you eggs, however you like them (sunny side up, anyone?)

Have your meeting with a simple buffet and coffee to wake you up in the morning!

The Lounge at Bunglow 37

We know, its not a cafe, but it is a BEAUTIFUL bungalow in the heart of Bangsar. This lounge is not for your usual meeting. This is where your business meeting takes another level, with plush leather chair, this sexy lounge is also connected to an outdoor rooftop area.

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