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RMCO Guidelines for Table Seating at Restaurants

17 June 2020.

We are putting the date, so we can keep track of the validity of this guideline.
Looks like this is day of good news for those in the F&B and events businesses.

The Malaysian Government has relaxed the seating arrangement at a table in a restaurant, cafe, kopitiam or dining establishments. The limit of 4 pax per table has now been relaxed and you can now seat according to the number of pax that the table is able to occupy.

More than 4 to a table

Of course, social distancing rules still apply. Which means that everyone should still be seated 1 metre apart from one another. So if the table has a capacity of 10 pax or 16 pax, as long as distance is maintained – you and your family can sit at the table.

Press Conference Videos

Children Allowed to Dine Out

And children are also allowed (actually they have always been allowed) to dine out with their parents. But the government reminds parents to be mindful of keeping their children safe.

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