Best Event Venues for Company Dinners where You Can Build Up Your Own Theme

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“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.”

Some company dinners are meant to be more stylish while some others are to serve different purposes. When this happens, looking for the right event venue could be a wearying process. While there are many event venues out there ready to cater for conventional company dinners, many of these are not adjustable to special arrangements. Fret not, there are event venues where you can build up your own theme for company dinners which require a touch of uniqueness.

And we’ve compiled a list for your reference (so be at ease!)



Cornerstone Event Space

With its high ceiling and glass to ceiling windows, it is an elegant event space that lets a lot of light into the hall. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of private or corporate functions. 


With the land size of near to 1 acre, Bayswater@KLCC provide flexibility in creating different customized layout & settings towards endless creativity and wish list. The main pavilion is designed to be surrounded with water to create floating concept and transparent wall overlooking the greenery scene as the backdrop. The venue is set to be open in August 2019, so bookings can be made from thereon.

t6 Light Grey Rooftop Event Space

The whole building in which t6 Light Grey Rooftop Event Space is housed at, looks like a red brick industrial warehouse. The event space is air conditioned and has a good vantage point of the surrounding area since it’s on the top floor of the building.

Ex8, Subang Jaya Event Space

The Ex8 event space has proven to be a popular venue for a variety of events. Whether it’s a product launch or annual dinner, it has proven to be a versatile space. 

Glamhall Mercu Mustapha Kamal

Located at the Golden Triangle of Petaling Jaya, Glamhall features a luxurious and exclusive event space suited for your event needs. 

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