Cat Signature Cafe & Studio

Event type : Birthday Party, Gathering, Kids Party, Pet Parties
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Cat Signature Cafe & Studio

Opened in January 2017, Cat Signature Café & Studio (though it is officially spelt CatSignature) is a haven for all feline lovers! On the menu, patrons can find a wide variety of popular local food such as tasty Fried Rice and savoury Beef Thai Noodle. Other popular dishes such as their aromatic and spicy Tom Yum soup or Sweet and Sour Fish are also available. For dessert, ice cream and cakes are served here come with different flavours such as Red Velvet cake, moist Chocolate Cake as well as ice cream flavours such as their signature Coconut Ice Cream. Cold drinks here such as their delicious shakes are served in a specially designed tumblers that are only available here at Cat Signature Cafe & Studio. On the 1st floor, customers are welcome to play and enjoy the feline company provided by the resident cats of the studio. Beautiful cats from several breeds such as the Maine Coon and Bengal can be found prowling the premises here, ready to play and purr in a cosy and comfortable environment! A great place for a family lunch with kids.

Events Space

Cat Signature Cafe & Studio has a ground floor interior that features a simple and spacious area bathed in warm light and shelves littered with various adorable feline knick knacks and books. At the counter, patrons will be able to order their hot meals and beverages of choice. Patrons will be able to choose from indoor and outdoor seating. The 1st floor is a playground for humans and cats alike with a wide open space and beanbags available for comfort. Couches and chairs provide more comfortable seating choices for all. On the walls, specially designed shelves allow cats to explore and climb to their hearts content


Cat Signature Cafe & Studio is suitable to host any family event, birthday party or even a gathering among friends.


Cat Signature Cafe & Studio can be easily seen from the main road, with parking lots readily available right in front of the shop.