Event type : Birthday Party, Meet Ups, Photo Shoot
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Thursdvys name is a play of Thursday and apparently they took this name to stand out on Facebook and Instagram. Judging by the number of clientele they get, it seems to be working. And to take the play on the name further, Thursdvys even have their off days on Thursdays. Thursdvys serves is renowned for their coffee and brownies.

Event Space

Thursdvys is largely acknowledged by many to be one of the best looking cafes in Klang Valley. Rather than go with the popular modern rustic or warehouse look that is so favoured by many hipster cafes, Thursdvys went for a very modern geometric design feel. It reminds us of how the Page One retail stores used to be designed. The event space can accommodate up to 50 pax but it’s the way it’s put together that has gotten people to fall in love with this place. Definitely an event space to do at least one of your birthday parties or events.


Thursdvys is located on the popular Jalan Datuk Sulaiman in TTDI. Like many of the roads in TTDI, there really isn’t much parking on the street. However, there is an open air paid parking lot within a 100 metre walk which has ample parking, making Thursdvys not a bad event space for functions like healthy dining parties.